DIY LED help.


I posted this in the DIY section already. So mods, delete this if you must.

Can anyone please help me?

I bought some LED’s to make a DIY growlight.
Problem is. I’m not to "electronics savvy".
If I have a plan/instructions. I can build it.

I’ve used the online led array wizard and it’s not really giving me what I’m looking for.

I have 50 10mm LEDs 25 blue and 25 red.
I have a 12v dc adapter. A 5v dc if needed.
I have 470 ohm resistors and 100 ohm resistors.
I can post the LED SPECS if needed.

What I’d like to do is either 2 25 led panels or a couple smaller say 10-15 LEDs. Or whatever would work best with what I have.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks GC!
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