Homemade Bong? Sick!!


Alright so today i decided to get creative and make my own bong

So i know the photo isnt good quality(was taken by webcam) so this is my setup.

-at the top the green part thats on my mouth is were i inhale through and it securely air tight no air escaping.it is just the top of a sprite bottle with the cap part taken off

-then the rest of the bong (the body) is a coca cola bottle with a carb and a hole were i shoved a little tube in it and at the other end of the tube i used a socket as my bowl with a screen. and wrapped tape arounf it so it is air tight and not losse.

– then i just fill the bottle with water till were i feel is enough water and Take a hit.( There is no weed or smoke in it i was just showing it like i was taking a hit so you guys can see you i could hit it.,havent tried smoking from it yet i will tomorrow. )

tell me what you guys think.

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  • hausgemachte bong

  • hausgemachte bong


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