Jungle Fever w NOVA & C4PTM0RG4N


What’s good guys .. ..

Who else has jungle fever .. .. 😎

Well let’s get it going .. ..

Room is 16×12 .. Roughly. With a 1000w for flower. Running a mixture of CoCo and Roots Organic. Nutes are all organic .. Blood meal, Bone meal, D.lime, worm casting based tea’s plus sea bird based tea’s plus epsom salt. Currently have 1 CJ in a 5-gal smart pot .. And everything else flowering is in a 2-gal nursery pot .. .. Everything will get upgraded to 5-gal smart pots soon enough ..

Got a 4’x4’x6′ tent for veg plus a 2’x2′ closet for starts and seedlings

My girl C4PTM0RG4N helps me out in the room all the time .. But soon as we start chopping plants she is gonna run a few plants that are just hers to care for .. .. Not sure what she’ll run yet but she has lots of seed choices from my stock lol

Bloom Room .. This flower run was flipped 3rd week of April

2 Ganesh Strawberry Diesel .. Identical to each other
Rez 4SD #2 ..Taller Pheno
Rez 4SD #4 .. Shorter Bushier .. Slow to Flower
Head’s Casey Jones #4 .. 10-12wks, Better Yield, Longer Flower
Head’s Casey Jones #5 .. 9-10wks ..Quicker not Great Yield .. Similar to "M"
Big Buddah Blue Cheese #1 .. Stinky .. Possible Keeper .. Re-veg after chop
Big Buddah Blue Cheese #2 .. Stinky .. Re-veg after chop
5 DNA William’s 60-Day Wonder’s ..

Veggers .. ..

Strains Im running .. .. Elite Cuts
Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough (KKSC)
Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK)
Pre-98 Bubba Kush (Bubba)
TW x Princess Diesel (Arcata TW x Princess Diesel (Ice Princess(c99xWhite Widow) x Sour D IBL))
S99 (ECSD x C99)
East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD)
Chemdawg Sister (almost identical to Chem D)
Lucifier OG
McFly (C99(pineapple pheno) x Killer Queen)

Other strains .. ..
Chocolate rain
Kandy Kush
Chemdog Sour Diesel
White Rhino
Jack Herer x 4SD

Seeds .. Shit I got seeds for days lol
You’ll see seeds/new strains being introduced every other chop ..

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