Friend covetous with his weed.


The last thread disappeared for some reason so I’ll re-write it.

Late last year, I was in a grow shop with a friend and his brother. He asked me if I would pay for some seeds for him so that he could grow them. I said yeah, and paid for two Blue Mistic seeds. They were about ?15 together. At a later date, I also gave him ?20 for the grow etc. He said that there would be a bag in it for me as thanks when the plant was ready.

Now he had a Bubba Kush growing and harvested a week or two after I had given him the money. I naturally expected maybe a little to come my way but I was disappointed to see the guys who had paid for the seeds 12 euro each walk away with a decent amount each while I was left with nothing. He did smoke me up though. I thought, well, it should be worth the wait.

He’s harvested the said Blue mistic, and smoked me and a mutual friend up once with oven dried weed before the airdried/cured portion (which I assumed I would get a small amount of. I called him up yesterday, hesitant to ask about the bag he had promised, but also wanting to look after my own interests (Had a dealer fuck me over recently so Im extra wary about people screwing me). He started shouting and said I already smoked loads of it, which wasn’t exactly fair as the friend hadn’t paid a cent and smoked a decent amount more than me in that one session, and how he wasn’t giving me anything and how dare I had the cheek and nerve to ask. I also notice he has become very covetous with his weed even though he probably has an oz left.
I have always sorted him out through my dealer, the only one we’ve met who sells clean weed here. Just two weeks ago we had a huge argument about the same matter which I won, he admitted I did pay in and he would give me a bag, but he seems to have completely forgotten about that now. He even tried to pretend it didn’t happen.

So any advice? Should I stand my ground , because I honestly believe Ive been fucked.
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  • drying weed oven
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  • drying weed oven
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