Lowryder 2 – First Grow with Pictures :)


Hey GC’ers,

First of all I have to say this site is wicked and I really like the community spirit.

I have started my first grow in a cab with the following dimensions 65cm x 70cm x 30cm. I have 2 CFL lights namely a 125W red / 65W blue mounted directly in the top of the cab. I have 2 intakes on the RHS in the floor with PVC elbows for a light trap. I have a 4" inline TT fan as an extractor fan hooked up to a carbon filter situated in the LHS just above the cab in a wooden box attached to the top of the cab.

After having issues with the temperature I have decided to feed in an intake directly from an air vent in my grow room and this has enabled me to get temps of 81-85F just below the lights (this is where I want the plants as I don’t want them to stretch at all !)

I have one LR2 that is 7 days old today – See pic below – They are feminized seeds so I am pretty much guaranteed a lady.

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I plan on doing some LST to keep this lady small and also feeding with with BB Bloom wk 3/4/5/6/7 – 8 water then flush before harvest.

The only thing I am not sure about is the leaf curling with the plant any ideas ? I plan on getting a pH meter later this week and testing the water run off when I water.

Anyways I would really welcome your thoughts / comments / input…

Peace out

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