First Micro cabinet grow!! CFL, DWC, LST/scrog



Lets get this straight.


But this will be my first attempt at Hydro more accurately, a micro DWC system, as well as the scrog (SCREEN OF GREEN).

I haven’t given myself alot of room to work with, but that is ok. I am looking for a challenge.

I currently have 4 clones 3 sativas and 1 indica, but plan on adding more indica’s. The clones are from a few plants I had been vegging in prep for some summer fun.

I will be adding the scrog after I decide they girls have had enough LST.


-Currently running a 20/4 cycle
2-65 watt Bright White CFLs (4,200 lumen s each)
1-2 23 watt Daylight CFLs (1,500 lumen s each)

2 small fans from target (intake & exhaust)
(will be installing carbon filter if decide to flower)


3-gallon container 4-6 site
air-pod bubbler
round airstone
net pots

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro
Botanicare Sweet Karma
Botanicare Cal-Mag

These pics are of the temp setup in an old bedside table. I’ll have the final box in my next post!


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