Canna-tea tips, anyone?


Hello. :3 I’m a young female stoner who’s been toking for bout 2 years now. You could say I’m new, but I’m still fairly versed and knowledgeable about the herb.

I’ve only ever smoked blunts, pipes and bongs, however, and recently quit cigarette smoking. So I wanna taper off the weed and spare my lungs some stress by using the plant, instead, to make myself bottles of tea that I can store and use as I need – since I have a weak stomach and just lost my gallbladder, I rely on Mary to make me hungry.

I find the tea idea to be the best for me – it doesn’t smell, I can bring it to work with me and call it peppermint tea, and my mother will stop complaining about the smoke. 😉

So, my plan for my personal ‘tummy potion’ as I call it is fairly solid – when I obtain my weed, I’m going to steep a peppermint tea bag in some hot water, add milk, then steep the weed using a coffee filter. Then I’ll refrigerate it. Here’s my questions about this:

1. I plan to use a plastic water bottle to store the tea. Is there a better option? I’ve heard of THC spoiling easily in extracted form, so just wondering.
2. How much weed is ideal for a bottle that size, and does the amount of milk I use matter?
3. Should I use indica or sativa? low-grade or high? What’s the best kind of weed to use for tea?

Thanks a million for the tips. 🙂
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