Black Jack – Sweet Seeds


The Black Jack seeds came courtesy of Soft Secrets. Because they were femini­zed we sowed x2 into cell trays of soil and watered them in. 0ne plant grew slow and was removed to make room for other seeds. The other seedling grew well. After two weeks in a glasshouse the plant was re-potted into a plant pot about 30cm deep and 18cm wide. The pot contained 50% compost, 45% coco fibre, 4% worm cast, and 1% guano (approx.). The plant was only fed water at this stage.The plant had a few main leafs that were crinkled and we think this affected the growth and made it slow.

After another 2 weeks the plant was force-flowered by hiding the plant away from sunlight in the evening and putting it back outside in the day time. After 40 days the plant started to produce flowers. It took a long time and seemed to be lagging behind the other plants in the garden. The plant grew much taller, about another x6 times its height, but still finished at just over 1 m. After 60 days the plant had developed a thick layer of resin on the flower heads and the bases of the leaves. The hairs stayed white for ages, but the main flower filled out during this time so we were not in a hurry to harvest.

After around 90 days of flowering the plant was harvested. When trimming the plant smelt like peach skins /the stones found inside nectarines. The side flowers were cut from the main stem and hung from the rafters of the glasshouse to speed dry them. The main flower was dried slowly in a cool dark place for a week. The first sample flowers were pea­chy, but the main cola was more scented, more like Jack Herer in taste. The high was mellowed out, nice evening time smoke to enjoy with friends. Thanks Sweet Seeds and Soft Secrets.
Environ: Glasshouse
Method: Fast flowering
Medium: Compost, coco
fibre, worm cast, guano
Nutrient: Guano tea
Grow time: 30 days
Flower time: 90 days
Plant structure: Single cola
Bud structure: Elongated
Scent: Peach skins
Effect: Mellow
Yield: Low (because of method)

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