Critical x W.Widox from Free Tibet


These new seeds were for testing. The parents were Critical from Royal Queen Seeds and W.Widow x Free Tibet from So7omon Seeds.The seeds (x4) were sown into cell trays of soil at 15c and all hatched at the same time. After 3 weeks in a glasshouse at 15-20c the plants were re-potted into decent sized pots about 30cm deep and 25cm wide. The growing medium was a mix of compost, coco fibre, worm cast, and bat guano. The plants were only fed water at this stage. The plants grew quickly with big wide fan leaves.

Two of the plants were sent to other growers to grow indoors under lamps, leaving two plants in the glasshouse. The plants were force-flowered (by hiding the plant away from sunlight in the evening and putting it back out­side in the day time). 0ne plant was topped to produce two main shoots and the other grew naturally.

After a month of flowering the plants really started to show their own cha­racteristics. 0ne plant took longer to finish (about 72 days) and had poin­ted flowers and smelt like the pineap­ple characteristic from the W.Widow x Free Tibet. The other plant was more like Critical with a sweet skunk smell and took about 65 days. This plant had some of the densest buds we’ve seen under glasshouse conditions in June/July. After 70 days one plant was ready to harvest and the other plant was taken a week later. The branches were trimmed and hung to dry for 5 days before sampling the smoke. 0verall the yield was low, around 10-14g per plant, but the high from both plants was spacey, with a nice compli­mentarysmell when crushing the buds down. 0verall 8 out of 10.

Environ: Glasshouse
Method: Fast flowering
Medium: Compost, coco fibre, worm cast, guano
Nutrient: Guano tea
Grow time: 21 days
Flower time: 65-72 days
Plant structure: Short
Bud structure: Compact
Scent: Sweet skunk /pineapple
Effect: Spacey
Yield: Low (because of method)

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