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Describing the characteristics of Dinafem’s new Cheese, starting from what we know about the rest of our varieties, is a nigh on impossible task. Dinafem’s new Cheese boasts an absolutely unique, unmistakea­blearoma and flavour. Strong, powerful essences mark its personality to such an extent as to give it its name: Cheese. And in this case, the name does give us a hint as to just what the particular feature of this variety is: an intense Indica aroma, reminiscent of hashish, smoked wood, dried or other fruits, that gives way to an equally powerful and surprising palate that lasts for so long that it recalls the delicious aftertaste of awell-matured cheese.

Cheese’s fame began in England (Europe). The name’Cheese’ has already been used in the 21st century, refer­ring to the genetic maintained over the years, grown both indoors and out in the United Kingdom, by a group of squatters starting from an original select Skunk. The name ‘Cheese’ grew in fame as its clones circulated, first throughout Great Britain and then in the rest of the world. Its excellent aro­matic qualities, combined with the ease with which the clone of this original Cheese is grown (yielding good results outdoors in England, something that cannot be said of a great many other varieties…), and the guaranteed high production levels have allowed Cheese to become synonymous of good grass, famous for being a reliable commercial variety, and one of the area’s most (or perhaps even the most) well-known and popular products.

Stable hybrids have therefore been created starting from these clones of the United Kingdom’s ‘0riginal cheese’,  crossing an original Cheese mother with a father grown from seeds of a pure Afghan variety, obtained directly from an Afghan trader. The resulting hybrid retains clear notes of the original Cheese, with a genetic origin shared by a Skunk selection that converges around this deep aromatic feature giv­ing it its name. At the same time, and as the original Cheese was already known to be a hardy variety that withstood out­doorgrowing well, yielding good results even in a damp, cloudy climate like that of England, the established hybrid of commercial Cheese inherited the excel­lent productivity and quick flowering from its Afghan father, a plant adapted to the demanding conditions of the harsh Afghan mountain climate.

Dinafem’s new Cheese, however, also fea­tures further benefits worthy of mention, in addition to the impressive aroma and flavour that have given it its name. First and foremost, it is a strongly Indica domi­nant variety much appreciated both for its physical appearance (broad leaf, deep  green, average size) and for its relatively quick flowering that gives rise to intense, deep aromas. 0verall, we therefore have a strong, stable, hardy variety that grows easily both indoors and out. 0utdoors it will be ready around 0ctober, holding out well against cold, damp conditions. It is, in fact, successfully grown throughout the Spanish peninsular, including in moun­tainous and more demanding areas. Its size, however, is also well suited to indoor grows, and its good production ratio per watt guarantees us excellent performance when also taking the superb quality mari­juana produced into account, with the very special, unique aroma and flavour we have described.

If we were to sum up the external  appearance and vegetative behaviour  of Dinafem’s new Cheese, we would have to say that it is a homogenous variety that retains a very character­istic, immediately recognisable shape, of average height, slimming towards the tip. This look is maintained as flow­ers form in the rest of the branches, resulting in well-expanded marijuana of adequate size. The marijuana pro­duced by Dinafem’s Cheese is effec­tivelyjust as powerful and unusual as the aroma it gives off… such a special aroma that we can doubtless say that it is the true key to this new Dinafem variety. The essences of Dinafem’s Cheese take us back to our best memo­ries of’old school’ cannabis, where the surprising aroma not only cannot fail to provoke a reaction, but even calms the appetite of the most experienced connoisseurs who savour this long-lasting complex aftertaste offered up to our senses with reverential respect. There is little doubt that the name Cheese certainly provides a hint as to this complex aroma and flavour, but it must be admitted that it fails to reflect all the nuances we encounter, ranging from hints of spice to sweeter, fruitier allusions, clearly showing this variety’s Skunk origins.

In view of all this, we can be sure that Dinafem’s new Cheese will find its own following quickly, both amongst the most demanding growers, already familiar with many of our varieties and wishing to innovate and try new, dif­ferent, more intense options, as with those taking their very first steps into the world of cannabis growing, or indeed novice growers looking to try a reliable, homogenous, productive vari­ety that is easily grown, responding with a high quality, unique, unmis­takeable cannabis essence. We hope you will like it as much as we did!…

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