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Seeds germinated easily, and were transferred to a recir­culating drip system. Media was very perlite dominate: 8 parts perlite, 1 part hydrocorn, 1 part worm castings mixed with perlite that’s been through the worm bin.

The plants were lit using a 23 hour 400 watt metal hali­de bulb for growth, and no issues arose. The form was regular, and responded to pinching fairly well. 0verall, the growth cycle was okay, but unimpressive.

Plants were flowered under a 12/12 400 watt high pres­suresodium lamp.

This strain is very much an ugly duckling. During early flowering the buds were stretchy, light, and fluffy. Then at about week six of flowering, they started filling in.The loose flower clusters turned into much more attractive long neat thin buds. Not very visibly “frosted’, but the buds and small leaves are so covered as to have an almost oily feel to them.

Trimming ease was on the lighter side of medium. Flavor is nice, with aslight mentholate-pine nose, and Not a bad variety, I wouldn’t run a roomful of it, but I plan on starting a couple more of this one again soon.

Envion: 400 watt MH, 400 watt HPS
Method: Pinched
Medium: Perlite, LECA, and a worm castings.
Nutrient: Worm Castings, Fox Farm
Grow time: 3 weeks
Flower time: 9 weeks
Plant structure: Very straight regular growth, little branching
Bud structure: 0dd, starts very light and fluffy, then
starts to fill in around week 5-6
Scent: Mentholatum and pine.
Effect: Up, but not all that useful. Every
time I lit a bowl to evaluate it, I wound up doing something else
Yield: 136g wet (approx 40.8g dry) from
56cm plant.
0verall rating (1-10):8

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