Sweet Seeds 1st Diary Competition


An amazing contest that took the 3 winners to Amsterdam, where they received their trophies at the 2010 Highlife Cup

In a singular initiative, with the collaboration of Soft Secrets, Sweet Seeds decided to distribute more than a thousand seeds between users of two of the most prestigious cannabic forums: uk420 and CannabisCafe. With more than 100 contestants, the competitions were very levelled until the end, with many participants giving the best of their grower souls to win such a desired place in the trip of the mad tokers to Amsterdam.

The prize for the 3 best greenfingers included the plane ticket (from anywhere), 3 nights at a hotel in the city centre (near Vondelpark, the biggest park of the dutch capital) and entrance to the Highlife Cup 2010 -Festival Edition -with dinner and free drinks all evening. A bit later, at around 11 pm, they had a surprise: the 3 champions stepped on the Highlife stage to receive their cups, which made it a very complete and unforgettable experience. Considering all this, the first day was very well spent, in an absolutelywell organised event, with restricted access, only for the previously invited. Around 200 people attended and, among them, we had the opportunity to meet some famous people from the international cannabic scene, such as Ed Rosenthal, who presented the Highlife cups.

The day after, together with the Sweet Seeds crew, they were offered a boat trip through the Amsterdam channels, with lunch and free drinks on board, starting at noon and ending at 7pm with a din­ner at Barney’s, also with free drinks and plenty of food, served by some very kind waiters. Besides all that, the prize also included a cheque of 500€ for personal expenses. A very high time for everyone, with perfect weather all weekend long.

On CannabisCafe, the quality of the grow diaries was so great that it overcame the best expectations of the members of the jury, which made them decide to double the prizes. So, from the spanish forum, two growers won the trip to Holland, while Sweet Seeds compromise was to award only one. But also the prizes for the second and third place were dou­bled: 2growers won a prize of 400€ and other 2 growers won 200€, to be spent on products from the Sweet Seeds online seedbank and growshop. From the eng­lish forum, another grower won the trip to Amsterdam. Besides that, other 15 contestants from CannabisCafe and 11 from uk420, also shared high quality grow diaries and received a prize lot of Sweet Seeds goodies, made out of 2 packs of seeds, 2 shirts, 2 hats, lighters, stickers and posters. During the competitions, contest­ants were asked to show healthy plants, a clean and good looking grow room, plenty of high quality pictures, originality of the growing techniques and the best posting frequency possible.

0ne of the spanish winners,Toni13 (from the cannabic association THC Valencia), a Diesel enthusiast, decided to grow 9 Ice Cool (developed from a NYC Diesel genetic line), which has allowed him to obtain a good homogeneity in terms of height of the plants and some top quality buds. Another winner from CannabisCafe,Tommy,chose 3 Wild Rose, 3 Cream Caramel and 3 SAD. His small closet became big and got completely full of beautiful flowers. We advise you to visit his grow diary at the spanish forum or at uk420 (translated to english), not only to check the production obtained but also for the techniques used and the high quality pictures shared with all of us, specially his macros. The other winner came from England. It’s our dear friend S.K., the winner from the uk420 forums, who with a clean hydroponic system, grew 3 Cream Caramel and 1 Sweet Afgani Delicious. He grows NFT style, adding nutrient heaters and air stones to the reservoir. His plants were grown under a 600w hps, in a fully vent­ed bud box. This Cream Caramel lover also shared a very well explained and perfectly illustrated grow diary, that you will also be glad to visit.

The growers had about 5 months to finish their grow operations. Some contestants, besides sharing their diaries, with smoke reports and comments about each variety, also shared other knowledge, such has oil and hashish extractions, cannabis tea, can­nabis butter and many other experiences, that made this contest a huge success and, in that order, we invite you to visit the Sweet Seeds sub forum at uk420 to check all the recently finished grow diaries. That being said, not only it was a great success in educational terms, but also from a social point of view, as the 3 experienced grow­ers were given the opportunity to meet each other at the very same moment that they were presented with an unique vision of Amsterdam, from a completely different perspective, the genuine one, of a sweetly delicious city…

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