What is EATING my plant? (Pics)


I have 3 plants growing outside in a grow box/mini greenhouse, all 3 plants have been given the same treatment from day 1, same environment, same soil, nutes etc etc etc….

So this is the only plant that seems to have this problem, there are little yellow speckles and holes on alot of the top leaves, and on the new grown leaves at the nodes, it has to be an insect, i saw this little white "foam" on the plant, kinda like your saliva is when you have cotton mouth, there was a little 6 legged insect inside this foam shit….Lower fan leaves are droopy and crimpled also….

Anyway I cant find any spider mites on any of the plants..here are the pics

This leads me to believe this is not a PH or nutrient problem because I have another 2 plants just like this which are blooming with new growth, its just this 1 specific plant, which is growing beside the other 2 healthy plants. The only thing I can think of that may cause the lower fan leaves to droop and crimple/curl is lack of drainage, as the pot this plant is growing in has no drainage holes (I know how much water to give the plant each time)

Im open to any suggestions and this plants future will be determined by GC peoples….
Thanks guys
Bud :smoke:
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