pH out of control



I use organic soil, the following mix:

53% Organic potting soil
25% Perlite
10% Vermiculite
12% Worm Castings

My nutes: BioBizz, I use BioGrow, BioBloom & Alg-A-Mic.

The strain is Jack Herrer. I use RO water for irrigation (TDS < 40).

Plants are growing pretty fast, but almost from the beginning there are signs of deficiencies – paling leaf tips and also the tips of the serrated "teeth" along leaf edges. Leaf edges curling up….

Pretty early on the pH starts trying to escape the earth’s gravity. It goes over 7 and keeps rising. I was pH-ing my irrigation water to 6.2, then to 6.0 (using GHE pH down – nitric & phosphoric acids), with no effect. Tried flushing the big ones that are in bloom – flushed a 3 gallon pot with 9 gallons of RO water, and the pH wouldn’t budge. Stayed at ~7.3. I pHed my water to below 6, nothing.

I’ve spent days searching the forums & reading about pH and other issues, but I’m still clueless. How do I bring the pH to reasonable levels?

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  • podłoze: perlit ziemia worm castings
  • bio bizz italy
  • How to control pH of RO water

  • How to control pH of RO water
  • podłoze: perlit,ziemia, worm castings
  • bio bizz italy


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