Anyone had experience with any of these strains?


I’ve acquired a mix of various seeds.. mostly indica dominant hybrids and was looking for some advice on growing them mainly outdoors (june-mid. oct). I’ve been researching each of them and their ancestry to learn about their likes/dislikes but would welcome any experience or knowledge of these strains. Anyways here’s the list..

California Original – KC Brains
Northern Lights – Homegrown Fantaseeds
Bubba Kush – Greenhouse
Kings Kush – Greenhouse
Blue Cheese – Barneys Farm
Star 47 – World Of Seeds
Deep Purple – TGA
Double Diesel Ryder – Sagarmatha
Thunderbud – Holy Smoke
Fruity Chronic Juice – Delicious
Connie Chung – DNA
Hash Plant Haze – DNA
Confidential Cheese – Reserva Privada
Original Amnesia – Dinafem
White Widow – Dinafem
Blue Hash – Dinafem
Pineapple Express – G13 Labs
Skunk #1 – G13 Labs
Burmese Kush – TH Seeds
SAGE – TH Seeds
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