Low pH runoff in Coco


I posted almost this same problem(Potassium/Phosphorus deficiency),but the plant was in FLOWER.My grow is perpetual as I crop-out ever two weeks.Now this is showing up in my Veg.Not tooooo serious as of yet,but when this problem showed up in my flowering room it had come on pretty damn fast(week 5ish)

Now I am getting a really low pH runoff in my Coco.I will water at 6.0 then the runoff is 4.7-4.9…WTF.

I am starting to see a Phosphorus deficiency in veg.I had a BAD Phosphorus deficiency/lockout in flower recently but I had contributed it to excessive salt build-up.But now my drain to waste system is dialed in so I fugured the problem would go away.

Why is this happening,and how can i correct it.I am stumped as to why my pH is fluctuating sooooo much in my Coco.I understand that my pH will change,but going to the high 4’s while the plant is feeding will cause all sorts of problems.

What type of medium?Coco
What brand soil?Botanicare
Indoors or outdoors?Indoor
What strains?AK-48,Jack Frost,TrainWreck
How old are the plants?30ish days veg
What type of lights and how many watts?HPS 1600w(1×1000/1×600)
How far from the lights?18 inches
Watering frequency and source of water?every 2-3 days/city water
How much and when was it fed?800-1000ppm
What is the medium/runoff pH?6.0in 4.7-4.9 out
What are the temps and humidity in the room?80-85 deg/50-60rh
What size pots?10gal smart pots
Any bugs? no
Any other pertinent info?I like the Red and Green gummy worms the best
Nutrients are:
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro
Botanicare Pure Blend Organic Compost Solutions
Botanicare Liquid Karma
Bio Bizz Root Juice
Great White

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