Indoor Growing : Advice required for White Dwarf Auto

  • 12. June 2011

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Subject: Advice required for White Dwarf Auto
Posted: 12June2011 at 20:28

Hi ive signed up to help a friend because he can not read of write. His indoor plants are suffering because he was until 4 days ago p.h downing the water and has been from seed. Problem is he is growing with all mix organic soil. He has since flushed with 4x amount soil with plain tap water but does not no what to do next so any advise off you guys would be great.

3 of the seeds germed 10 weeks ago & the other 4 the week after. It is obviouse from the pictures which are the 3 maturiest of the 7. They had a bit of a rough start i.e no micro nutes while in peat pellets, about 2 thousand lumes each with cfls, and no vent/fan for the first 4 weeks until he bought a complete grow tent with a 600 watt dual spec, fans etc.
White Dwarf Feminised Auto Flower Sensi Seeds (7 of them)
Grow tent 1200 x 1200 (cut down to 1200 x 600)
600 watt dual spec sunmaster cooltube light
5 inch out-take/filter
4 inch in-take
All mix organic soil 2 weeks from seed, no nuts in peat pellets
Bio-bizz bloom / booster  He does not own a scope to check the colour of the thc glands but doesnt want to cut the 3 maturest (70 days/10 weeks) if they are going to have a growth spurt or are not ripe enough, he is looking for the couch lock affect. Taken in to account the age of these plants the 4 youngest look like they have weeks left? He is going to work away and has asked me to look after them which i have aggreed to do in my garden if he builds a plastic green house. I plan on getting 7 black buckets so i can turn them up side down over the plants to give them the 6 hours complete darkness they have been on from seed. I was going to slowley ween them in to the out doors over say 3-4 days @ 3 hours today 4 hours the day after and so on. Will this increse/decrese yield? hermie? or cant they now? Should i leave them in 24 hour darkness before harvest?  Thanks to anyone who can help me finish these off. 
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