damiana and mugwort- freak out cure, herbal spin


natural smoking herbs (spin) can help when you freak out from bad weed (either shit weed or stuff that had been laced with some shit)

i normally mix my bud (and occasionally leaf and bud) with damiana and mugwort and optional (wormwood)

when everyone started freaking out i knew to brace myself and after a little while of intense freak-out i decided to go for my herbal stash and withing minutes i was relaxed, and back to earth and felt good

full story below

i meet with some friends who were with another group of friends(who i havent meet) they had a bong out and the weed was there (spun with tobacco) i had a few hits and bout 20 mins later they started freaking out, i start thinking "shit the weed was dodgy" and it turns out that there been a bad batch of weed around laced which has been laced with something.

so i see them starting to freak out i stating thinning shit, soon later i followed in a somewhat intense freak out, i stay calm relaxed and try to keep my cool, this continues for about 10 more mins until i remembered that i had my natural smoking herbs in my car (which i use to spin with and smoke normaly as i dont smoke tobacco) this was a mix of Damian and mugwart (and another mix inc wormwood) not knowing what the effect would be i rolled a rolled 1 with it and as i started to smoke it and almost immediately everything became better, i was relaxed cool, calm, chilled and composed (unlike before) the natural smoking herbs brought me back down and no longer freaking out

ive been smoking bud(and leaf) for a few years now, and im not a tobacco smoker, ive recently been replacing tobacco with natural herbs, and it is very pleasant. i know tis not for everyone some people like the headspin you get with tobacco spin with bong hits, but ive been using a mix of damiana and mugwort and occasionally i will add other herbs such as wormwood or lions tail to the mix. i also smoke these without eny weed as well, when you mi whit natural smoking herbs you dont get paranoid your more relaxed it is a more gradual high.

when you spin with these natural herbs it adds to the high and you often get more high then stoned, its is a very pleasant high (im not a stonner to go out and get wasted evry night) i enjoy the regular joints and a chill walk in nature, have a joint take my dog for a walk around the lake) while i do also enjoy the occasional bong hit (hits) i know that you need a good balance of being stoned and real life (other wise you loose appreciation for both)

the point of my story is that these smoking herbs helped me out alot and people just don’t know about them when you smoke them normally you get a slight mild high type effect (it does relax you) and is often used by people trying to quit pot altogether but rather than going cold turkey add this stuff to your weed then over item slowly add more of the herbs and less weed .

so if yove ever freaked out when being stoned or looking for adiffernt stoner experiences (not a very heavy insanely crazy high) i strongly recommend trying damiana and mugwort and other natural smokign herbs



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