Best strains for my setup?


Hey everyone. I plan to do a dwc setup for about 3-4 plants (more than likely clones) in the next few months. I have a 0% success rate in germing and sprouting seeds when using the dwc method. I have grown in hydro before using an ebb and flow system. But I started those seeds in soil and transplanted them 2 weeks into veg to the ebb and flow. They are almost done and they are just bag seeds. I bought 5 fem great white shark seeds from greenhouse and was really excited to start them since I saw how nice the regular bag seeds did. But all 5 fem gws seeds died. Pissed off!! So I’m wondering what would be some better strains to start out with? I want to use good seeds to get killer bud. I am planning on getting a tent 3x3x6.5. I would like to know what are some killer strains that won’t take up too much space in the tent?
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