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Subject: indoor pots strains
Posted: 16July2011 at 15:39

Ten weeks ago i planted some “60 day wonder automatic” seeds in pots, it was my first grow. I get plenty of direct sun onto my balcony and also into the living room so i just shifted them around.   I didn’t use a special compost (bizz?) and i only fed it a little miricle grow. It is about ready to harvest and i am happy with the result, around 20-25 small buds per plant.

The last 10 weeks haven,t exactly been hot and sunny in London, the chances are good that the next 10 weeks will be better, hotter, sunnier. So my logic tells me that if i get a better growing medium, read up about nutrients and maybe get a similar strain i could probally double the yields.

Some of you experts would probally say, “its not worth it, its too late now” I am a beginner and it would be good practice for when i get a small tent/grow box after xmas. It will only cost about 10-15 per plant!   I have looked through a lot of seed websites but i am still not sure what strain to buy. I have read a few posts that seem to contradict each other.   SO i am going to go for the best suggestion any of you can make.

thank you in advance


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