My friend is all butthurt


So my best friend since kindergarten is acting all butt hurt and its starting to piss me off. He was on a downward spiral getting really fucked up all the time and blowing all of his money on weed and booze. I kept telling him to quit mixing the two and he finally did thank god. He was starting to scare me. I was away at college during all of this so we would only hang on weekends when he would come up to party.

Then about 6 months ago he gets busted for a gram of weed, a scale, and a pipe. The police officer did not show up to his court date so they threw out the scale and the weed. Basically he got off lucky and got probation. He was even luckier because had the cop pulled him over 30 minutes later he would have found a hell of a lot more.

Now I’m back home because my spring semester was really shitty, and he acts like he doesn’t even know me. Hes dating a 16 year old girl and hes fucking 20. He works full time at Subway in town and he’s basically given up on college. None of my friends will do more than say a few words to me because hes so butthurt. It’s like he blames me for him getting caught. I only smoke occasionally anymore, but seriously its pissing me off that he’s blaming me for what his dumb ass did.

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