Wow, best thing ever happened earlier today


My friends and I needed to get the equipment ready to start blunt cruising. We figured it would be easier to do it if we were parked so we went ahead and parked around some kiddy playground. We were pretty isolated from all the other cars so I thought it was all good. While we were getting everything ready (grinding up the weed, cigs, etc.) we saw some truck pull up and park. Once it parked we found out it was an ice cream truck. I told my friends we should probably just put everything away real quick just to be safe. My friend responded with "he’s an ice cream truck seller. He’s obviously a pothead". So about a minute later some guy is running at our car. My buddy driving rolled down the window and the guy said "I know yall are smoking weed because that guy was unloading that blunt onto the ground. I would smoke with you guys if I wasn’t working but take this and hit me up if you want some fire kush". He handed us his ice cream truck business card and wanted us to him up on that number.

Crazy stuff, lol
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