Are they hermies?


Just wondering if my plant has gone hermie on me. I’m just completed week six of flowering. Last night I decided to clip a little bit off of my plant to start drying and give a little sample test and I found a single tiny little seed. At this point I started inspecting my plantss and found that several of them have these weird things on them now that I didn’t notice before. When I looked it up, I read that it’s possible that they could have been hermie’s, but I can’t imagine how this is possible. I have them on timers and locked up, so no one is interfering with light or anything like that. My question is, are these signs of hermie’s, or are they just another stage in the flowering process of my female plants. Attached are a couple of pictures that I took.

They don’t come in bunches and they don’t look like bananas like I have seen in some pictures on the internet. They’re pointed up, not down and they have two hairs of a yellowish color right out of the middle.

In this picture I’m noticing that one of the little bud-y things is split open.

Ultimately- if these do turn out to be hermies, are they still smoke-able? It is literally on about four out of five of my plants.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… this is all new to me. I’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

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