Quarter Hindu Kush


Just picked up a Quater of Hindu Kush. I’m excited, but I got some ehh’s about it….

It smells like, "DAMN, YOU’RE NOT FROM WHERE I LIVE," but its buds are very cylindrical, horizontal looking. It’s totally not the round nug types i’m used to seeing, but I have full faith from my connects this is going to be fire. I won’t light up till the next evening, but I’m happy about it.


It says 0.00g’s but the scale wasn’t calibrated, so it would have been -17.0g’s. The plate was a even 10.0g’s and the nugs were 7.0 g’s. It’s legit.

My ‘Horizontal/ cylindrical’ buds.

Macro for them fiends.

Feedback please on anyone who’s familiar with this strain. Thanks, happy smoking!
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