Pump Failure (grrrrrrrrrr…..)


1. Are you growing from seed or clones? Clones
2. How old are your plants? a few weeks
3. How tall are your plants? 3-4"
4. What type of hydro system are you using? Ebb&Flow
5. What brand/type of nutrients are you using? GH 3pt
6. What is the Ph of your nutrient solution? 350
7. What is the PPM/EC of your tap water? 0
8. What is the PPM/EC of your nutrient solution? 350
9. What is the temperature of your nutrient solution? ~70
10. Does your PPM/EC show a rise or fall when you do your daily PPM check? Pretty steady, slight rise
11. Does your pH show a rise or fall when you do your daily check? steady
12. Do you foliar feed or spray your plants with anything? nope
13. What kind of lights do you use and how many watts combined? (HPS, MH, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent "plant lights") Right now just under a few flouros
14. How close are your lights to the plants? 1-2"
15. What size is your grow space in square feet? 2x4x5
16. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space? 75, 45%
17. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space? nope
18. How much experience do you have growing? yr+

Well I have about 15 plants in a 2×4 ebb and flow with lid. Everything is growing great and I was set to start flowering next weekend, and then I checked today..

I have two plants flopped over but the rest looked perky, so I lifted the lid and ALL of the pretty white roots have dried up!!!!! I don’t know how long the timer was off, but it was long enough….

I had them running at 350ppms, so my question is should I drop or maintain the ppms and wait for new root growth? Also I can’t let em get taller than 6" before flowering…..

I’m so pissed, I killed off the mother already, this was going to be my final run with this strain…. I don’t even know if its worth going on or if I should just pop some new beans, pick a mom and start over…. Grrrrr…….. :rant: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

EDIT: (MODS y’all can move this to the ‘cry’ section if ya want, it’s more of a rant than asking for help really…)
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