Advice on Choosing a Strain : Feminised seeds for outdoors?


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Subject: Feminised seeds for outdoors?
Posted: 22July2011 at 22:58

hello everyone!
i’m new here, but lurking has learned me a lot already 🙂

i’d like to get some seeds for next year’s season.

i’ve grown a SSB Durban plant last year. at 51 lattitude, on a well ventilated spot the sun can’t reach until afternoon. only when i harvested, i noticed the top cola was infected by bud rot.

so, i’d like to try one of the strains SSB claims to be mould resistant (Early Pearl, Mexican Sativa, Early Girl) but… they don’t come feminised.

are any of the SSB feminised strains suited for my purposes?
– outdoors, at 51 LA – mould resistance required
– no direct sunlight until afternoon, hardly any direct sunlight at all from september onwards
– i usually prefer high over stoned, and quality over quantity
– i don’t mind if harvest is late
– i’m still an inexperienced hobbyist
– i prefer feminised seeds, cause that lowers the risks involved

…and are there any plans to offer feminised versions of the current SSB outdoors line in the future? that would be sweet 🙂

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