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It’s nice to have your support on such needed answers! I want to buy a Quick Grow Seed to Bloom Box. Is it worth the cash? Have you used these machines? What do you know about them? How much do they yield?

Mr. Dank

Quick Grow makes an excellent closet that cranks out buds! The owner is very conscientious and provides excellent service. There are more than a dozen other grow closets (see list below) to choose from. Grow cabinets and closets have become very popular the last two years. The ready-to-go systems are equipped with light(s), vent fan/filter, hydroponic system, timers and controllers, everything you need to grow a great crop. The manufacturer has gone through and worked out all the bugs so you don’t have to! All you add are seeds and a little TLC. The superstructure can be more expensive rigid structure or less expensive tent-like closet. You can also buy the closet with no accessories. Both work very well and are easy to set up and operate.

The closets range in dimensions from small cabinets measuring 60 x 90 cm to larger units measuring 120 x 120 x 180 cm. Tall grow clos­ets are often divided into a flowering room on top and a vegetative room on bottom. Small cabinets can be set up to grow clones, seed­lings, vegetative or flowering plants.

You will still need a ventilation outlet to evacuate old air and a new air source. You will also need a place to set up the unit. But remem­ber, the lamp transformer and the fan will probably make noise. Set the cabinet or closet in a cool, dry place. Regulating the temperature and humidity inside the closet will mean the difference between suc­cess or failure.

Before purchasing a closet, Visit the following websites, and call the companies you like on the telephone and ask them a lot of ques­tions. Ask them if they will help you solve garden problems over the telephone when growing tomatoes and vegetables. This is very important when you have problems. Talk to them until you are com­fortable they know what they are talking about. Look for their ads in magazines, check out their website.

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