Wet Dope!


I bought some glass jars with a latch and a rubber seal, the kind my grandmother would keep candy in. After bud has been inside for a few days, moisture collects on the walls. The moisture has a sour almost vinegar smell to it. This happens even if the jar is aired out regularly or if the bud is cured. What’s the Deal?

Da Rev

You got wet dope. The moisture is bleeding out of the buds in the enclosed jar and con­densing on the sides of the glass. The bud definitely needs to be dried out. Take the buds out and set them on a piece of newspaper. They can be covered or not. Keep buds on the newspaper overnight. If they are real wet, keep them out for 2-3 days. Then put them back in the jar for 3-4 hours. They should bleed a little more moisture. Open the jar and let the buds air out a few minutes. Close the jar and let them bleed out again. Do this for a few times until the buds have evenly dried. Buds should burn properly now.

If the buds are starting to decompose, hence the vinegar fragrance, you will have to dry them out and keep them from molding. The best way to keep mold from growing is to get buds completely dry.

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