MBS: Australia’s Terrific New Marijuana Strain [Pictorial]

  • 30. July 2011
  • News

?Australian cannabis breeders are kicking ass with their own unique genetics, producing a multitude of potent strains. One of the best recent innovations is called MBS (Mind, Body and Soul), and is a creation of renowned breeder Moonunit.MBS is about 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, according to Moonunit, though it expresses in a more indica fashion.”MBS is comprised of Deep Chunk for the mind, Zoid Fuel for the body, and C-99 for the soul,” Moonunit told me by way of explaining the strain’s Aussie genetic background.Moonunit described is as “a spreading, good yielding plant, with the early maturation of an indica and some of the growth qualities of a sativa.””It grows dense, hard, nuggety buds,” he told me. “Some samples have grown green, whilst others will tend to show purpling with cooler nights, some almost black. The large amounts of trichomes resemble snow, and the dark purple backing gives the buds excellent aesthetic qualities and bag appeal.”

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