so how many of you listen to hippy music


ahha i was just thinking about this today. It’s almost like a fad now-a-days to be a stoner or a "hippie" type thing. You know what i mean. Point is, most of them are posers that don’t know anything about drugs or any of that…

Now i’m not a hippie, i don’t wear tie die, hemp, berks, or any of that shit. It’s cool if you do many of my friends do. But how many of you ACTUALLY enjoy hippy music? Im talking the dead, phish, darkstar, phil lesh, that type of stuff. I have been hearing it for years now with my friends and for a long long time i thought i liked it.

I realized today that the genre itself actually pisses me off. Too up and down and everywhere out of control it kind of stresses me out and doesnt get me goin at all lol. The songs i DO enjoy, i enjoy just because they are technically good well written pieces of music that nobody can deny is a good song.

Now I love older rock such as zeppelin and floyd but i don’t consider the dead and pink floyd to be the same type of music. Also love all types of older metal like sabbath.

I don’t really know where im goin with this. just kinda high but you know what i mean? Its gay how people these days thinks its "cool" to dress like a druggie and listen to the music for no reason and pretend to smoke weed lol it’s embarrasing to those who are OG 😎
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  • ollandika sporia skunk


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