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Subject: Kerala Krush
Posted: 02August2011 at 15:24

Goodday %3coving%20it

I am pretty new to growing, so I have a few questions. In the 70’s/80’s i used to love to smoke Kerala grass. Sticky brown stuff and if you were lucky…%3co%20high

Anyways.. i granted myself a packet of KK ( i assume I can aks here about FD strains? ), but now the difficulties start. It’s a cross between Kerala (87,5%) and Skunk #1 ( 12,5), so fairly towards the sativa side of the balance. My questions are:

– Is there anyone who grew the before?
– Do they need a lot of nutrients? Since there’s Skunk involved in the genetics, I thought they might need a bit more than the average “sativa dominant hybrid”
– How much do they stretch during flpwering?

Thanks a million and have a nice one.


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