was my weed laced? Help? -_-


hey guys. so my friend gave me some ash from his uncles stash. (they hit a bowl a few times n put it out) Now its already prettty black. lil bit of green.. and i smoked some… And im hearin things eveyr now n then
weird taste/feeling on my tounge..
Im super faded almost. but i bearly smoked ne.

i examined the ash. and it has theese tiny white crystals in it.. not alot but you can definantly find em.. for a sec i thught thc crystals? but those are usually the first things to burn up right? theres black its like they put it in there after and mixed it lol.

anyways im a daily ritalin snorter.(iknowiknow)
even thugh i did it abit earlier..
it could be a extremem mix.

(if mixed weed and rit and never has it been like this)(EVER)

so wtf..

do i do?

to stay safe.. havent ate much today..

lots of water?

LMK what you think it is. any questions to find out just ask
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