DR90 blue cheese SCROG, how many plants?


Hey guys,

Just about to start up a new grow. I’d like to ask some advice on scrog. I have grew natural for my past attempts and can’t complain as iv had decent results.

My stats are as follows:

Secret Jardin DR90
10.5 Ltr pots – Biobizz All-mix soil.
Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Topmax, Leaf Coat (Nutrients)
X4 Barneys farm Blue Cheese
600 Watt Cooltube – Digital ballast – Contactor (flowering)
300 Watt CFL (clones & Veg)
5" RVK Fan outlet connected to 5" Rhino Filter
Clip on Oscilating fan

The clones are currently under 300watt cfl. I will be transferring them to tent for training/flower in about a week. Before I do I have a screen to make for my secret jardin 90. The dimensions are L90xW90xH200.

What I would like to know is…… Has anybody done a scrog in a dr80/90 before, if so what was your yield? Also how many plants would you advise to scrog in that space under a 600watt? I have 4 clones ready….

Any feedback appreciated guys

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