Hashish : Afghan Hash(masterkush)


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Subject: Afghan Hash(masterkush)
Posted: 19August2011 at 05:12

Hi tokers i thought id share my latyest hash making session.I followed Ganjas thread.I started with around an oz of Masterkush trim that i put in the freezer for a few hrs then i sifted it threw a 73micron screen.

Up until now any hash i made has been a blonde colour and sometimes is very hard. But ive learned this time that its all in the quality of the trim. The resin from the MK was a much darker colour, i collected the resin and put it in the plastic from a ciggie packet and rubbed it along my jeans to get some heat into it. After about 10 mins it was solid enough to work into a putty between my fingers.

This is by far the best hash ive made and bought outside the Dam,soft,sticky and tastes superb.I would love to do a hash run with a whole plant or two, be nice to have a big lump of hash for the Christmas hols!

Pictures aren’t the best,new camera coming soon!

And rolled into joint sized pieces

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