Homemade Aeroponics System


I am in the process of building a homemade aeroponics system using eight 5 gallon buckets connected with 1/2″ PEX tubing and fittings, each bucket equipped with two 180-degree shrub sprinkler heads to spray the roots for 45 seconds every 4-5 minutes or so. 45 seconds produces approximately a gallon of water in each bucket, each time.

I bought two 27 gallon reservoirs, one for the main solution, and one for drainage. I built it so the buckets are on a slight angle and higher than the drainage reservoir. I was considering using a 2245gph pump for the main reservoir. Do you think that is overdoing it?

Also, I thought about using an automatic bilge pump in the drainage reservoir to return the nutes back to the main reservoir. Have any of you heard of doing this? And do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think I should probably just buy another pump and put it on a timer?

Any input would be appreciated.
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