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Feeding day…here’s my little 2gal jug I use, I lug it all over the yard. My foxfarms method below (I am big on their root product and microbe brew – I use no herbacides, or pestacides, so yank all my weeds by hand. The root development on weeds I yank out of beds is insane. I am curious to see what rest of plants are like when fall hits and I need to yank them out and turn the soil. I think if you grow in soil in a pot…worth looking in to):

I use FoxFarms in this manner: (example based on using three different products for feeding that week).
Fri: Kangaroots
Sat: Big Bloom
Sun: Tiger Bloom
(or whatever products are listed for that particular week).

You can cause a bit of stress if you hit your plants with everything at once, that’s why I bust it up. The once a week is working great for me. (Note – I also add +1.5 to the mix since I feed weekly, exception being Tiger Bloom – exact or less of it, put in about 1.8 gallons of water)

My test pot…I use this to see if I am going to hot/etc with my feeding mix. Petunias sensitive to swings in N…Ph…etc

One of the tomatoes, this one Cherokee Chocolate. I have four more – Cherokee Purple, Azoychka, Amana Orange and Beefsteak.

Anise. Bees f’n love it. My buddy will come and get all the seeds once blooms die off…uses it to make an excellent winter ale.

Various on deck…one of the d-o-double gg’s.

A member of my eco-friendly pest control system 😉 (RM Garter Snake, one of 10 I’ve counted…along with various bull snakes). Also use ladybugs.

Some of our live action lawn ornaments – I am surrounded by National Forest, so deal with deer, black bears, bobcats, moutain lions, coyote’s, racoons…rabbits…and whatever else that decided to wander through

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  • cherokee purple
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  • cherokee purple
  • cherokee purple seeds


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