Outdoor Flowering in Winter. Help! Any Ideas


I have been growing for about 10 years hydro, I have never grown outside. I have developed the perfect hybrid and I am trying come up with an idea about how to flower outside in the winter. Long story short, I can do anything inside but the outside I have bad luck with. I have a lot of empty land around my house and was wondering how I could flower outside in the winter with out it killing my plants.

I was wondering If I could pick out a place that no one knows about and travels and build a square frame and place the see through or green panels on the outside and put some water jugs or a holding tank so it would keep it warm at night and put my plants in pots with a drip system. I know in the winter here, it is less than 12 hours of light so I know they would start flowering.

I would be veg inside the house in soil which scares me, the soil part and then transfer outside to flower.

Would this kill the plants, it being winter or colder outside with frost?
How big would I need to veg them too?
It really does not get that cold here maybe 25 on a bad day in winter.
Has anyone done this before?
Anybody have any ideas.

Before anyone asks my hybrid is part g13, LSD, blueberry and white Wid. I am trying to develop an autoflower of that right now.
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