When I was 14…


Alright, so I started smoking at 14, freshman in high school. It was usually a weekly thing with 3 of my good friends. Save lunch money, buy a dime and smoke a bowl.

When I started smoking more often(every other day, sometimes 2 days in a row, etc.) we decided to go to a sweet 16 on a friday night. I was young for my grade, and short. About 5 feet tall at this point. We made a bong out of a Pom bottle, and I had never hit a bong before. So before the party, we smoked it. I didn’t really know how to hit it, and I lit it for far too long that my body could handle(again, 14, 5ft, 115lbs. you get it) and my buddy said "Dude enough, enough!" the bong was MILKED BADLY. He took it from me trying to clear it, but I quickly snatched it back and cleared the shit out of it. I started coughing uncontrollably for a few minutes. Before I knew it, I felt like I couldn’t breath. I tried laying down and calming down but nothing helped. Not water, deep breathes. Nothing. My friends had no idea what to do and one of them said "Is he dying?" That freaked me the fuck out and I started screaming and I thought I was really going to die. They walked me home, and I called 911. I know, I know, bare with me. They picked me up and I told them what happened. My initial lie was I said I got punched in the stomach.

But once I got to the hospital, I was LIT. Sitting in a room with my mom covering her ashamed face and my stepfather trying to hide his laugh as I tripped the fuck out(not literally, just really high, lol) and the doctor said that I had a panic/anxiety attack because something about THC hitting me too hard, blah blah blah. It sucked at the time as I still get shit for it, but it was kind of funny looking back on.
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