an experiment in PGRs


ok.. lets get you caught up

i sprayed s ome tests plants with

300ppm bap
75 ppm iba
35ppm naa
25 ppm tria

the result was HOLY SHEEP SHIT!

the plants didnt like it .. they look deformed.. the side branches are as thick or thicker then the main stalk
the fan leaves are drooping like overly watered and the top of the plants leaves where tacoing trying to hide from the light

the growth happened in 3 days .. the branches are crazy freakishly deformed thick:lol:

at first i thought it was the BAP but after some reading it seeems the bap dosage wasnt excessive or atleast not as excessive as 25ppm of tria

so im honestly not sure which of them was the problem = too much

i ended up taking the same solution (left over) and cutting it down to 1/3rd strength
i sprayed 1 additional plants with what should have been about

8ppm tria
100ppm bap

(1/3rd strength)

the one plant showed no negative effects..although the visual positive effects are minimal
so im still not really sure what the ideal amount will be for the bap in an attempt to increase bushy growth stacking bud sites

next chance to test a combination of pgrs will be in the middle of flower

so i have a plan

im going to test only 2 plants out of a few

on the next run starting from clone

im thinking of something like 3 pgr spray applications from start to finish

the first to induce rapid root growth..since the later application are known to inhibit root growth the idea would be to develop a large root mass as early on as possible

the second spray would be some where in veg… to induce thick branching and bushy tight nodes

the third spray mid flower to increase yeild and flower size

first application for root growth im thinking
IBA 200PPM (maybe more)
my thought is to avoid the for now IAA since it may increase stretch

second BUSHY VEG BOOST with high bap dose
if 300 doesnt cause negative effect while using lower dose tria i may bring it up to 500ppm bap
GA3 10 PPM

last flower/yeild increase
im thinking maybe 4 weeks into flower…idk
TRIA 10ppm
GA3 30ppm
IAA 300ppm

any input of any kind would be a good may not be from actual experience but from literature read to help make this a successful experiment


i have descided to ommit the use of bushmaster, cycocel, bonazia type products from the experiement..atelast for now

the idea would be to avoid using products that maybe harmful to health

as far as i kknow the others are safe
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