Cops catch my friends and hitting a bong in the car, let us go


Still somewhat in shock that this happened. Long read but I think it’s pretty well written and worth the read.

Earlier tonight i was chilling at my friends house with some friends drinking a few beers. When we all begin leaving, around 12, a few of us decided to go pick up my bong and smoke because one of my best friends was leaving for college this morning. My bong is a 18 inch beaker, and is pretty bulky (important later).

We head up to a pretty remote road where few cars go, especially at about 12 30 am, and smoked a bowl. While my friend in shotgun was packing the second bowl, we saw two cop cars come up on us, one from behind and one from the front. We quickly tried to hide the bong but didn’t have time to put it back in my backpack which was at my feet in the backseat, so my friend just stuffed it under the glove compartment area and tried his best to cover it with his legs, but it was pretty easy to see. In the back seat i had my grinder, my nice bowl, and about 1g. My other friends in the backseat each had a beer, and there were about 5 beers leftover in the trunk of the car.

The cop came up to the window and began asking us what we were doing. We said that we had just come from dropping a friend off,and were parked on the side of the road to talk for a little because it was our friends last night. The cop shined his light in the passenger seat, saw my bong, and just said "Holy shit….ok we can make this easy or we can make this hard. Take all of your weed out and put it outside the car on the ground next to you." The cop looks at my friend driving and says, "we clearly know youve been smoking, it reeks here and you look like you just woke up." My friend and I each had a g and that was it, so we just put it on the ground next to us. By now the other cop had come up and was on my side of the car.

The cop starts explaining that they got a noise complaint from the neighbors that kids were drinking and making noise. We told the cop that we had just got there, and that we had just come from a friends house where we were just having a few beers. He told my friends to dump them out, which they did. I picked up the pill bottle I keep my weed in, and said this is all iv got and opened it up for him(the cop on my side). He just kind of looked at it, but didnt say anything or make a move to take it. I just capped it and continued sitting there while the other cop talked to my friend that was driving. (We were all still in the car, the main cop was talking my friend driving while the other cop was standing outside next to me, with my car door open.) The main cop asked what was in the bag in the trunk, and i told him that there were just a few leftover beers from the night.

He asked me to get out and put the beers in trunk of his cruiser. When getting out past the other cop, i was just praying that he wouldnt make me open the backpack that was at my feet, where they would have found my bowl and grinder. I put my beers in his car, and he tells me to get back in our car. I sit back down, and the cop begins telling us that they were young too, and said that they didn’t want to fuck us over right before we went back to college. He then gives my friend driving a quick lecture on how everything in the car is legally his, and how we could be going to jail for underage drinking. He gives us back our licenses that we had given him in the beginning, tells us to get out of there and to find a better spot, and both officers head back to their cruisers.

We quickly got out of there, then pulled over a few streets over and just sat in shock. We were all clearly high, two people had been drinking and there were a few beers in the back (were all under 21), there was my bong, my backpack in the backseat with my bowl and grinder (which didn’t even get searched), and my friend and i each had a g on us that the cops saw. We ended up getting away with everything, minus the 5 beers in the trunk, and without a ticket.

Still kind of in shock….thank god that there are some chill cops who actually acknowledge that they had a childhood and aren’t power tripping assholes.
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