Ropey’s Glass…toro, roor, ect…PICS


Hey fellas, im new to the glass section of this forum, normally in the growing area. I have had my TOro Micro for some time now but i finally spotted a micro AC and i bought it immediatly. Thanks to Bitfreak big time, got right back to my email and hooked it up on the spot. In the alst year or two i have really gotten into. "high end" glass and im HOOKED. Take a look, ask questions

My new oil rig…love this piece, AC was a crazy difference. Takes a bit of the bite out of smokin good wax. I purchased the Toro Micro from a friend for 250 and the AC i payed full price…180 shipped.


SEXY! 14mm Mike FroTINI reversal pattern(40 bucks shipped from my buddy)


Lil personally stash action….Sour Kush

Sour Kush (Sour Diesel X Purple Kush)

And my "china cabinet" haha, Most of the stuff on the lower shelf is my old glass….hardly gets used.

The 2 grey goose bottles are bongs i made…the larger one is diffused.

18 inch Rasta Label 18mm german honeycomb diffy

lil sig action

Tube on the far right is my first bong 😀 long ago

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  • grey goose bong
  • roor seeds
  • toro oil rig glass

  • toro oil rig glass


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