Please Help so lost RO 1000 locking up



I have a RO 1000 which locked up after 400 gallons

Replaced the filters and added a Big Boy with the special carbon filter

SF water 50ppm before RO 1000 and it’s 10 after filtration. Adding the Big Boy PPM are less than 1


First 400 gallons 1.5 hours to fill (all gauges at 60)
now I get about 10 per hour. (all gauges at 60….)

All the pluming is new and when I take apart the filters there is no sediment

I am lost and I have 5 other friends with the same issue

I called GH and the best I can get is I need to have a water test done.

But if the Special Carbon filter did not work what would? Friends in Oakland have no issues???

Any one have any ideas on this??
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