should I dye the top of my hair blue?

  • 1. September 2011
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my sis dyed it for me ealier this summer but she didnt leave the bleach in long enough so the blue just looked like this wierd ash grey,my hair is a reallly dark ashy brown…but ive been spending alot of time in the sun and now its turned goldenish brown and I think it would be kinda cool. I have all these colors but I think ill still stick with blue, but damn that guy looks like a douche haha

my hair style is nothing like that though,its sort of a faux hawk except not, I just through some axe shaggy putty in there and let it do its thing… but even without that hair I think I would still want to punch that guy in the face. That shit also looks photoshopped
So should I go for the punk/emo/hipster/douche/metal/indie/scene look? Your opinion will likely have no direct influence on the outcome:devious::smoke:
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