How should I use this huge space?

  • 2. September 2011
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I have a 16’6"x10’10"x9′ room with a small closet, maybe 6x3x9. It’s around 1600csf.

I plan on splitting up the main space into two so I can start a perpetual grow. I’m going to use the closet for clones and storage. I also have this huge 50gal drum I’m going to throw in there for a reservoir.

I’m going to be using soil.

My big pickle is that I’m not sure how I should grow my plants. I was thinking about doing a SOG but, since my room is so tall I’m tempted to just grow some giant ones. Or perhaps SCROG a bunch.

I’m going for yield but I’m just not sure what method would be the best in this situation.

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