caught in the act: a lighter side

  • 10. September 2011
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You know the times when you get caught smoking but not by an authority figure or parent? This thread is for those lighter memories of getting caught in the act.

One that comes to my mind happened last year. I had gotten home from work and loaded up a bowl and had some music going. I took a few puffs and then had one more, just as I sucked this in there was a knock at the door which was slightly ajar. "Oh Fuck!" so I blow the rip out away from the door and then I partially open the door, it was two lovely young ladies from the census bureau. The more innocent looking of the two cupped her hands over her face and started to giggle, I was embarrassed but it wasn鈥檛 that bad. I answered the Q鈥檚 and off they went, the one was still giggling.

What about you? Tell us about your lighter getting caught stories. 馃槑
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