Overcoming the Munchies

  • 10. September 2011
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Whats up GC.

So I’m not an apprentice toker by any means. Basically, I have been smoking for about 2 years now. In high school, I would get the munchies all the time, but I pretty much got over it after 6 months. Now I’m back in college for the second time, and I can’t get over the munchies every time I smoke!

I have been smoking a lot more than I ever have, like multiple times a day, and every time I smoke, I get the munchies– especially late at night. I really don’t want to put on weight, so I want to stop this shit before I do! Any tips? Right now I’m about to throw away all the food in my dorm before I smoke lol.
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  • overcoming the munchies

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