Spring Planting Marijuana


It may still be a bit chilly, but spring will soon be here. For indoor gar­dens the change in seasons isn’t all that dramatic. Spring, summer, fall and winter are just different settings on the lighting and temperature controls. For outdoor gardens, however, there is a pre-spring moment that is very special, when the ground has been cleared and the only seeds in the garden are ones of hope and anticipation. Outdoor gar­dens are a cheap and natural way to grow smoke. However, they can also attract drama like a magnet if discovered by some idiot, so even legal weed should be grown with discretion. The biggest threat to outdoor Cannabis walks on two legs.

Marijuana grows well in containers or directly in the ground. It is a very simple spice to grow (to be correct, it’s a spice – not an her – since the flower clusters are the part of the plant that is harvested). In my opinion, it is easier to grow a nice crop of marijuana than a nice crop of tomatoes or peppers. If you’ve had a successful veg­etable or flower garden, you already have most of the needed skills.

Depending on the ‘gardening zone’ of your area, spring may be just right around the corner. In most of the US, Cannabis is planted outdoors in April through May in anticipation of a fall harvest. Check with your local garden zone guide; but as a general rule, plant no earlier than a week after the last frost date. Plant near the spring equinox and harvest around the fall equinox.

You can put them outside later in the season, even up to midsummer, but the more time

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