September 11, 2011
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/shaka all

heres a few pics of my grow box im building. Pretty much used 1/2in plywood (got free from job site:hello:)

got my intake holes cut out (170cfm)

starting drilling out my exhaust holes…using a passive route …intake fan blows enough air to keep my temps nice:p

got the kicker set up..

now for the top.. its starting to come together:hello:

Ok….now that i smoked a few joints:smoking:.. im ready to continue:D..Started caulking the edges

Now for the inside of the box i guess you could go anyway. I wanted to paint the inside flat white but i didnt have any on hand and was to lazy to drive. Instead
i used mylar which works great if you can get it to lay wrinkle free but in my case
after pounding a few joints that didnt happen..

I plan on using a LED panel and 6x42w CFLs (27k budding and 65k for veg)
Not sure on how many plants i plan on growing maybe 6. I got clones of AK47xwhite widows and some green crack clones..Ill post new pics when the box is done:hello:

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