LMAO! Dead Island Banoi Herald Excerpts Taken STRAIGHT from WIKIPEDIA!

  • 12. September 2011
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This is so funny. Wow. Great job game at being orginal with your wording and facts, it’s like they put a freshman in highschool or 8th grader in charge or making the excerpts for the game and writing them…


I found 5 so far and I didn’t read them, then i read the first 3 and then I was like wow, really? they have 820 languages? And i googled it to see if it was true and I came to a link and brought me to wikipedia and the EXACT SAME thing it said on the Banoi Herald Excerpt was the EXACT SAME words on the WIKIPEDIA PAGE…..

hahahahah i love this game so far i think its awesome and really fun but seriously?! I looked up 4 of these so far and used the Cntrl+F to find on the Papa New Guinea page on Wikipedia the words that they used on the Excerpts and its the same EXACT thing, the sentence is the same words just rearranged hahahah. So funny. Thought id just bring this to your guys attention here.

So its just not a coincidence and just ONE that was from wikipedia, the FIRST THREE IN THE GAME THAT I FOUND…

BAnoi Herald Excerpt #1
On the game: "Papaua New Guinea is one of the least explore countries in the world with many undiscovered species of plant and animals believed to exist deep within the country’s interior.

"The country is one of the world’s least explored, culturally and geographically, and many undiscovered species of plants and animals are thought to exist in the interior of Papua New Guinea

Banoi Herald Excerpt #2
On the game: "With over 820 indigenous languages Papaua New Guinea has more languages than any other county in the world, constituting 12% of the global total."

"Papua New Guinea has more languages than any other country, with over 820 indigenous languages, representing twelve percent of the world’s total,"

Banoi Herald Excerpt #3
On the Game: "Papua New Guinea has the highest incidence of HIV and AIDS in the Pacific region and fits the criteria for the generalized HIV / AIDS epidemic"

Wikipedia: "Papua New Guinea has the highest incidence of HIV and AIDS in the Pacific region and is the fourth country in the Asia Pacific region to fit the criteria for a generalised HIV/AIDS epidemic"

They took these out of WIKIPEDIA.. WIKIPEDIA! LMAO wikipedia is known to be not 100% accurate either!

Im not saying that wikipedia DOESNT have good facts, my point is that a huge game like this and any huge game that is good and what MAKES its good is ALL the details to the game.. every last bit.. even the smallest things being looked at and made sure that they all are worked on as much as they can and to the extent that they could be. And with this, obviously is not the case.
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