Legalization vs Decriminalization

  • 14. September 2011
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Though decriminalization will likely occur well before legalization, I just wanted to state that I think it would be a terrible approach to the situation.

Under decriminalization, cartels still rule, consumption is still illegal – just not criminally. No commercial outlets, no supervision, no age or ID verification. It will be a Golden Age for dealers. As a result, the Prohibitionist Regime will come back in the next election period, screaming about a very real increases in teen and child use. This is NOT what we want. We want cartels out and to control our own industry.

Decriminalization could be a death-trap for the movement. Please folks, no decriminalization! Please dont give them any more "Save the Children" rhetoric!
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  • drug legalization or decriminalization in jamaica
  • νομιμοποίηση και αποποινικοποίηση

  • drug legalization or decriminalization in jamaica
  • topping marihuana
  • νομιμοποίηση και αποποινικοποίηση


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